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Review Article

Application of Metabolomics to Study Effects of Bariatric Surgery

Table 1

Summary of included studies (in chronological order).

YearFirst authorRefMetabolomics techniqueSample typeSurgery typeStudied diseaseGroup sizeTime points

2017Liu, Ruixin[42]Untargeted and targeted (amino acids)HPLC-MS and GC-MSHuman and animal (mice C57BL/6)SerumSGObesity29 (23 obese and 6 cases)Before and one and three months after surgery
2016Zhao, Linjing[51]Targeted (FFA)UPLC-QTOF MSHumanSerumRYGBObesity and T2DM419 individuals (38 obese and diabetic after RYGB and 381 diabetic and nondiabetic with overweight or obesity)Baseline, 1 year after RYGB
2016Narath, Sophie H.[32]UntargetedLC-HRMS, HILICHumanSerumRYGBObesity44 patients2–4 weeks before surgery (PRE), 1–3 weeks after surgery (POST), and one year after surgery follow-up (FU)
2016Lopes, Thiago I.B.[33]Untargeted1H NMRHumanPlasmaRYGBObesity and T2DM10 subjectsBefore and 12 months after surgery
2016Sarosiek, Konrad[44]UntargetedUHPLC-MS/MS and GC-MSHumanSerumSG or full GBObesity and T2DM15 patients (nondiabetic with SG and diabetic with SG or GB)Baseline (prior to diet/surgery) and 14 and 28 days after surgery)
2016Jung, Jeeyoun[45]Untargeted and targeted1H NMRAnimal (rats, 12-wk-old male Sprague-Dawley)Serum and liver tissueDJBSurgery impact15 serum (7 sham, 8 DJB), 16 tissue (7 sham, 9 DJB)No time points, controls versus DJB rats
2016Chouiali, Ahlem[48]Targeted (vit. D)LC-MS (QQQ)HumanSerumBPDBariatric population supplemented with vit. D48 healthy subjects, post-BPD: 44 supplemented with vit. D3 and 30 with vit. D2During patients follow-up
2016Nemati, Reza[30]Targeted (NEFAs)LC-MS/MS (QQQ)HumanPlasmaLGB (Roux), LSGObesity and T2DM38 obese patients—11 GBP, 14 SG, 13 VLCDBefore and 3 days after intervention
2016García-Alonso, Veronica[50]Targeted (eicosanoids)LC-MS/MS (QQQ)HumanOmental adipose tissue“Laparoscopic bariatric surgery”Regulatory actions of PGs in human omental WAT from obese patients12 obese individuals after bariatric surgery and 10 patients without obesity after laparoscopic cholecystectomySurgery versus controls
2016Bankoglu, Ezgi Eyluel[13]Targeted (8-oxoGua, 8-oxodG, 8-oxoGuo)LC-MS/MS (QQQ)Animal (rats, 12-wk-oldmale Zucker)UrineRYGBObesity, oxidative/nitrative stress, genomic damage15 RYGB, 17 sham surgery0 and 27 days
2016Stratmann, B.[49]Targeted (lipoproteins)1H NMRHumanSerumDJBLMorbid obesity and T2DM18 subjects, finally 16; lipidome for 10 patientsNMR lipidomics baseline and 12 months
2016Luo, Ping[25]UntargetedUPLC-MSHumanSerumRYGBObesity and T2DM35 subjects—23 remission, 12 nonremission of T2DMAt baseline and 6 and 12 months after RYGB
2015Gralka, Ewa[38]Untargeted1H NMRHumanSerumSG, proximal or distal RYGBObesity106 obese patients (19 SG, 27 proximal RYGB, 60 distal RYGB), 19 normal weight volunteers, 30 subject with matched BMIBefore and 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after procedures
2015Bojsen-Moller, Kristine N.[34]Targeted (leucine, phenylalanine)GC-MSHumanPlasmaRYGBObesity10 obese subject after RYGB (1 out BCZ complications); 9 obese glucose-tolerantBefore and 3 months after surgery
2015Calvo, Nahum[40]Untargeted1H NMRHumanHepatic tissueLSGNonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)47 patients, finally included 19Before (<24 h) and 12 months after surgery
2015Modesitt, Susan C.[7]UntargetedGC-MS and UPLC-MS/MSHuman (women only)SerumLRYGB, LSG, LGB, open RYGBEndometrial histology, obesity71 (41 LRYGB, 17 LSG, 8 LGB, 2 open RYGB, 3 no surgery)Pre- and postoperatively
2015Arora, Tulika[36]UntargetedGC-MS and UPLC-MSHumanPlasmaRYGBInsulin-resistant morbidly obese subjects, some with diabetes16 patientsPresurgery and 4 and 42 days after surgery
2015Lopes, Thiago I.B.[35]Untargeted and targeted (FA)1H NMR and GC-MSHumanPlasmaRYGBObesity and T2DM10 patientsBefore and 12 months after surgery
2015Hertel, Johannes[26]Untargeted1H NMRHumanUrineSG, RYGBMeasurement of biological age based on metabolomics profiles, expanded on clinical samples of obese patients after bariatric surgery4068 individuals from SHIP-0 at baseline, 996 from SHIP-TREND;38 individuals after surgeryFor operated patients: preoperative and postoperative (median follow-up 366.5 days)
2014Kwon, Hyuk Nam[37]Untargeted and targeted (3-HB)1H NMR and GC-MSHumanPlasmaRYGB, DJBPatients who underwent surgery for uncontrolled diabetes22 patientsMetabolic profile 7 days after surgery
2014Oberbach, Andreas[31]Targeted (sUA)LC-MS/MSHumanSerumLSG and RYGBObesity10 severely obese adolescents (5 LSG, 5 RYGB) and 17 normal weightPre- and 12 months postoperatively
2014Kaska, Lukasz[52]Targeted (FA)GC-MSHumanSerumAnalysis before the surgeryMorbid obesity, nondiabetic16 womenSamples from the day of surgery
2014Jüllig, Mia[27]UntargetedGC-MSHumanPlasmaGB, SGSubject with T2D undergoing GBP or SG15 subjects (8 GBP, 7 SG)3 days before and 3 days after surgery
2014Heffron, Sean P.[46]TargetedNMR spectroscopyHumanFasting blood samplesLGBObesity and obesity-relatedcomorbidity50 obese patients, 47 with completed follow-upBaseline and 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years after operation
2013Sledzinski, Tomasz[28]Targeted (FA)GC-MSHuman and animal (Rats, 10-wk-old male Wistar)Serum and adipose tissueRYGBObesity16 obese nondiabetic women after RYGB, 20 rats (10 controls, 10 diet)Tissue from women during surgery, rats one month after starting diet
2013Ashrafian, Hutan[11]Untargeted1H NMR and UPLC-MSAnimal (rats, male Wistar)Plasma and heart tissue extractsRYGBBariatric surgical on cardiac metabolites27 rats—13 RYGB, 14 sham-operated8 weeks postoperation
2012Oberbach, Andreas[41]TargetedLC-MSHumanSerumLSGMorbid obesity (children)6 obese childrenPre- and 6 months postoperatively
2012Friedrich, Nele[39]Untargeted and targeted1H NMRHumanUrineSG, RYGBObesity50 patients (39 SG, 11 RYGB) 50 controls; finally 47 preoperation, 45 postoperation, 48 controlsPre- and postoperatively (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 days postsurgery)
2011Oberbach, Andreas[43]TargetedLC-MSHumanSerumSGObesity14 obese after SG, 12 on hypocaloric diet, 17 healthy subjectsComparison obese subjects and controls, samples six month after treatment
2010Calvani, R.[47]Untargeted1H NMRHumanUrineBPD, RYGBMorbid obesity (insulin resistant)15 obese subjects, 10 matched controls in general, 2 subjects after bariatric surgery30 and 90 days after surgery