Research Article

Karyopherin Alpha 2-Expressing Pancreatic Duct Glands and Intra-Islet Ducts in Aged Diabetic C414A-Mutant-CRY1 Transgenic Mice

Figure 1

(a) Immunostaining of pancreatic islets in 4-week-old mice for KPNA2 with hematoxylin counter-staining. Pancreas sections from WTs and TGs were stained with antibodies to KPNA2. Representative images of islets are shown [WTs (left panel) and TGs (right panel)]. Bar, 50 μm. No obvious difference in staining was observed between WTs and TGs at 4 weeks. (b) mRNA expression of KPNA2 in the islet. Islets were collected from TGs as well as WTs at 4 weeks of age. The relative levels of mRNA were measured by real-time PCR and normalized to the corresponding HPRT mRNA levels. In each representation, the mean value for WTs was set to 1. Data are for 3 mice per group. No significant difference exists between WTs and TGs, ( test).