Research Article

Karyopherin Alpha 2-Expressing Pancreatic Duct Glands and Intra-Islet Ducts in Aged Diabetic C414A-Mutant-CRY1 Transgenic Mice

Figure 5

Immunostaining of islets for KPNA2 (brown) with alcian blue staining of WTs (left panels) and TGs (right panels) of aged (a), late middle-aged (b), and 4-week-old mice (c). As a positive control of mice at 4 weeks of age, the section of the small intestine from WTs was stained with antibodies to KPNA2 and with alcian blue staining (d). Bar, 20 μm. Typical cases of islets are shown. At 4 weeks, the expression of KPNA2 in each cell in the islet was lower than that of mature ones. Bar, 20 μm. Even at 4 weeks, as to the small intestine, strong immunostaining of KPNA2 in the cell nuclei (brown) was observed.