Journal of Engineering / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Limited Comp Handover Algorithm For LTE-Advanced

Table 1

Simulation parameters.


Cellular layoutHexagonal grid, wrap around (reflect), 7 cells
Radius100 m
Carrier frequency2 GHz
Bandwidth5 MHz
SubCarrier spacing15 kHz
Slot duration0.5 ms
Number of OFDM symbols/slot7
Number of RBs25
Number of subcarriers per RB12
Path lossCost 231 Hata model
Shadow fadingGaussian log normal distribution model
MultipathNonfrequency selective Rayleigh fading model
Modulation and coding scheme QPSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM
Packet schedulerRound robin
Scheduling time (TTI)1 ms
Data traffic1 Mbps constant stream
Number of UE30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300
UE’s positionFixed uniform distributed
UE’s directionRandomly choose from [0, 2π], constant at all time
UE’s velocity120 km/hr
Simulation time5000 ms
RSRP measurement period10 ms
Handover margin dB
Time to trigger (TTT)5 ms
Size of CCS3
Size of CTP2