Table 2: Outline of wireless and PLC channel characteristics.

Channel param.WirelessPowerline

Path loss/attenuationHighly dependent on the propagation environment of interests with extensive results reported in the literatureDependent on the characteristics of cable used in the PLN
Time dispersion/Freq. selectivityGoverned by reflection, diffraction, and scatteringGoverned by reflections mainly due to impedance discontinuities along the propagation path
Time selectivity/Freq. dispersionMobility of transmitter/receiver pairs or motion of surrounding objectsImpedance variations over both long and short term
Path amplitudesMostly assumed Rayleigh or Ricean depending on NLOS/LOS conditionMerely resembles shadowing effect in wireless channels and mostly assumed to obey log-Normal PDF
NoiseMostly assumed AWGN, presence of impulsive noise in certain environmentsMore complicated noise structure: colored background noise, narrow band noise and impulsive noise very effective