Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Design of a Computationally Efficient Dynamic System-Level Simulator for Enterprise LTE Femtocell Scenarios

Table 3

Simulation parameters.

Time resolution 100 ms

Propagation models Indoor-indoor Winner II A1
Indoor-outdoor Winner II A2
Outdoor-outdoor Winner II C2
Outdoor-indoor Winner II C4

PIRE   13 dBm
  43 dBm
BS modelDirectivity Femto: omnidirectional
Macro: trisectorial
Access Macro/femto: open access

MS model Noise figure 9 dB
Noise spectral density −174 dBm/Hz

Traffic model Calls Poisson
(avg. 0.42 calls/(user * hour))
Duration Exponential (avg. 180 sec)
Spatial distribution Uniform

Mobility model Outdoor 3 km/h, random direction, and wrap-around
Indoor Random waypoint

Service modelVoice over IP 16 kbps

6 PRBs (1.4 MHz)
Cell Reselection C1-C2
RRM modelAccess control DR
Handover PBGT, Qual, Lev
Scheduler: RR-BC Time: round-robin (RR)
Freq.: best channel (BC)