Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering / 2019 / Article / Tab 3

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Implementation of Static Line Voltage Stability Indices for Improved Static Voltage Stability Margin

Table 3

System performance of the IEEE 118-bus test system.

Objective functions
Case 1Case 2Case 3Case 4

Pg (MW)4,317.404,312.464,317.684,310.57
Qg (MVar)249.98167.77232.22183.09
Loss (MW)67.8858.9464.3565.16
Cost ($/h)144,225.06150,129.63155,450.07149,882.80
Maximum FVSI0.39130.26000.27500.3068
Maximum Lmn0.39800.26700.28610.3514
Maximum LVSI1.00000.98780.98340.9982
Sum FVSI11.346910.60398.77669.2529
Sum Lmn11.581710.80108.94229.4803
Sum LVSI58.606754.799154.683958.3085
Maximum loadability (MW)20,906.8423,101.2521,964.1221,139.85