Journal of Energy / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Off-Shore Wind Energy Project’s Risks

Table 1

Risk classification.

(1) Strategic, business risk(2) Transport - construction, completion risks(3) Operation, maintenance risks(4) Liability, legal risks(5) Market, sales risks(6) Counterparty risks(7) Political policy, regulatory risks

(i) Insufficient access(i) Grid connection(i) Technology limitation(i) Damage to environment(i) Resource(i) Supplier-contractor(i) Change rules
(ii) Technology and innovation(ii) Damage or theft during transport or construction(ii) Maritime environment(ii) Complex approval processes(ii) Curtailment(ii) Buyer (power purchase agreement)(ii) Risk of war, terrorism and
(iii) Insufficient expertise(iii) Special construction vessels(iii) Natural hazards(iii) Property damage and bodily injures(iii) Price volatility(iii) Guaranty
(iv) Insufficient public acceptance(iv) Quality of materials & spare part(iv) Design and quality of foundation
(v) Transportation equipment(v) Repair, replacement
(vi) Assembling and installation(vi) Turbine performance
(vii) Quality of raw material(vii) Delays in repair