Research Article

Time-Location Patterns of a Population Living in an Air Pollution Hotspot

Table 1

Demographics of the Camden study cohort and the comparison with the U.S. Census.

U.S. C e n s u s ( a ) The Camden S t u d y ( b )

𝑁 1,7006,4245453
A g e ( c )
 Under 5 years8.8%9.4%
 5 to 17 years27.4%26.7%29.6%34.0%
 18 to 64 years55.5%57.0%64.9%64.2%
 65 years and over9.2%7.0%5.6%
Median age (years)2726.72924.5
Race and E t h n i c i t y ( d )
 Black or African American61.2%71.5%51.9%71.7%
 American Indian and Alaska Native1.3%0.9%
 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander0.1%<0.1%5.6%
 Refused/Do not know22.2%26.4%
 Hispanic or Latino (of any race)27.2%25.6%27.8%20.8%
E d u c a t i o n ( e )
 High school graduate or higher49.4%57.4%48.1%39.6%
 Bachelor's degree or higher4.2%5.5%11.1%7.5%
 Refused/Do not know38.9%43.4%
Employment s t a t u s ( f ) 26.1%31.5%
 Adult working full timeN/AN/A13%20.8%
 Adult working part timeN/AN/A22.2%1.9%
 Self employed working at homeN/AN/A5.6%9.4%
 Refused/Do not know9.3%22.6%
Median household income ( $ ) ( g ) 22,41725,443N/AN/A
Income below poverty l e v e l ( g ) 32.7%33.3%N/AN/A

( a ) D a t a are from U.S. Census 2000.
( b ) A dash indicates no subject in that group.
( c ) A g e of the Camden study cohort was determined as of 2005. One subject in WFS had age missing.
( d ) S o m e Camden subjects selected multiple answers in responding to the question about cultural background. Data in the table were based on the primary choice.
( e ) P e r c e n t a g e s in the Census were based on the population aged 25 and over, while percentages in the Camden study cohort were based on population aged 18 and over.
( f ) E m p l o y m e n t rate in Census was based on the population above 16 years old; while the one of the Camden study was based on the population above 18 year old.
( g ) C e n s u s data were collected in 1999.