Table 3: Advantages and disadvantages of assessing built environment features using a paper questionnaire versus GPS device.

Paper questionnaireGPS

AdvantagesEasy to administer, does not require advanced technical knowledge.Small, light, portable, convenient, relatively inexpensive, waterproof, allows for quick recording;
comes preloaded with dozens of icons;
allows for automatic data transfer onto computer, easy geotagging of pictures to show their locations on a map, and easy integration with spatial analysis programs;
DisadvantagesQuestionnaires create a heavy load to carry during assessments; manual data entry is time consuming; inconvenient to use when raining.Requires greater technical knowledge and integration of several computer programs to get data into a form that can be analyzed;
possible safety hazard to be carrying expensive equipment alone and in plain sight.
Relative disadvantages: acquiring GPS devices outside of major cities may be more difficult and costly; base map (if used) and position accuracy varies depending on location and quality of GPS device used;