Table 1: Variable name, description, and prevalence of factors examined in study.

VariablenVariable description Wtd.%

Current alcohol useStudents who had at least one drink containing alcohol on one or more days during the past 30 days42.6%
Problem drinkingStudents who ever had a hang-over, felt sick, got into trouble with family or friends, missed school, or got into fights, as a result of drinking alcohol45.1%
DrunkennessStudents who drank so much alcohol that they were really drunk42.4%
Bullying victimizationStudents who were bullied on one or more days in the past 30 days63.1%
SadnessStudents who felt so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row that they stopped doing their usual activities during the past 12 months53.3%
No friendsStudents who have no close friends15.7%
Missed schoolStudents who missed classes or school without permission on one or more days during the past 30 days58.5%
No parental monitoringStudents whose parents or guardians really knew what they were doing with their free time in the past 30 days35.2%
Illicit drug useStudents who used drugs during their life 36.7%
Alcohol marketing
 ActorsStudents who watched actors drinking alcohol on television, videos, or movies24.4%
 BillboardsStudents who have seen a few or a lot of advertisements for alcohol on billboards in the past 30 days33.4%
 Provided free alcoholStudents who were ever offered a free drink of alcohol by an alcohol company representative30.0%
Alcohol education
 Danger of alcoholStudents who were taught in classes the dangers of alcohol use40.9%
 Refuse alcoholStudents who were taught in classes to tell someone they did not want to drink alcohol44.5%

1The types of drugs included in the question were “daga” (cannabis).