Table 1: Cases in the distributed data matching to ≤3 doses in the source database.

Comparison toNumber of matches in source database (identification risk)Overall identification risk (1)
3 (0.33)2 (0.5)1 (1.0)

(a) Using original (nonmasked) doses

All organ doses29180.39
Stomach doses only35290.52
AHS stomach doses13350.58

(b) Using doses rounded to 3 significant digits

All organ doses0 (1)a0 (5)0 (6)0 (0.14)
Stomach doses only000 (2)0 (0.03)
AHS stomach doses0000 (0)

aNumbers in parentheses are the numbers of values that exactly matched some entry in the source database, but in no instance was the matching individual in the source database the subject with the three-digit rounded dose.