Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Efficacy of Sublingual Immunotherapy versus Subcutaneous Injection Immunotherapy in Allergic Patients

Table 2

Symptom Results.

SymptomNo. of patientsBefore (mean)After (mean) ๐‘ƒ value of t-testSignificance of SCIT/SLIT ร— before/after interaction

Runny nose SCIT472.10.7<0.001Not significant
Runny nose SLIT341.80.5<0.001
Sneezing SCIT472.00.8<0.001Not significant
Sneezing SLIT391.90.8<0.001
Nasal obstruction SCIT482.40.8<0.001Not significant
Nasal obstruction SLIT402.20.9<0.001
Itchy ears SCIT381.50.5<0.001Not significant
Itchy ears SLIT301.30.5<0.001
Itchy eyes SCIT461.90.7<0.001Not significant
Itchy eyes SLIT371.80.7<0.001
Cough SCIT461.70.4<0.001Greater improvement for SCIT ( ๐‘ƒ = 0 . 0 3 7 )
Cough SLIT301.20.4<0.001
SOB SCIT61.40.50.041Not significant
SOB SLIT92.00.80.005
Wheezing SCIT41.30.50.042Greater improvement for SLIT. ( ๐‘ƒ = 0 . 0 2 4 )
Wheezing SLIT72.50.30.001