Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Clinical Study

Efficacy of Sublingual Immunotherapy versus Subcutaneous Injection Immunotherapy in Allergic Patients

Table 3

Medication use.

Medicationno. of patientsBefore (mean)After (mean) 𝑃 -value of t-testSignificance of SCIT/SLIT × before/after interaction

Pills in SCIT372.00.5<0.001Not significant
Pills in SLIT251.50.4<0.001
INS in SCIT281.50.3<0.001Not significant
INS in SLIT261.20.2<0.001
SABA in SCIT61.60.90.047Not significant
SABA in SLIT91.10.20.010