Figure 1: Proposed metabolic transformation of DINP and DIDP based on studies conducted in rodents and humans [6]. For simplicity, the linear side chains are depicted in phthalate structures in this figure. Legends: DIDP: diisodecyl phthalate; DINP: Diisononyl phthalate; MIDP: monoisodecyl phthalate; MINP: monoisononyl phthalate; MHIDP: monohydroxy isodecyl phthalate; MCINP: monocarboxy isononyl phthalate; MCIOP: monocarboxy isooctyl phthalate; MHINP: monohydroxy isononyl phthalate; MOIDP: monooxoisodecyl phthalate; MCIHPP: monocarboxy isoheptyl phthalate; MCIHXP: monocarboxy isohexyl phthalate; MOINP: monooxoisononyl phthalate; MCIPEP: monocarboxy isopentyl phthalate; MCIBP: monocarboxy isobutyl phthalate; MCPP: monocarboxy propyl phthalate; MCEP: monocarboxy ethyl phthalate [13, 14, 22, 23].