Table 1: List of breast cancer mortality clusters using Discrete Poisson model at county level in Texas for the years 2000 to 2008.

ClusterObserved casesExpected CasesRRLLRP value

(a) Without covariate adjustment
  Most likely cluster33882754.181.2778.04<0.001
  Secondary cluster 1496319.351.5742.43<0.001
  Secondary cluster 3525382.841.3824.08<0.001
  Secondary cluster 419921775.271.1313.84<0.001
  Secondary cluster 511971.951.6612.88<0.001
  Not significant cluster5233.231.574.520.654

(b) With adjustment of race/ethnic status of population
  Most likely cluster45503843.341.2374.66<0.001
  Secondary cluster 1476363.251.3216.21<0.001
  Not significant cluster11985.391.405.910.26
  Not significant cluster12091111.121.094.410.68
  Not significant cluster713640.851.124.040.80
  Not significant cluster413370.871.122.351.00

Abbreviations: RR, Relative risk; LLR, Log-likelihood ratio.