Research Article

Effects of Three Types of Oil Dispersants on Biodegradation of Dispersed Crude Oil in Water Surrounding Two Persian Gulf Provinces

Table 3

The measurements of BOD and COD (mg/mL).

Crude oil + GamlenCrude oil + Pars 2Crude oil + Pars 1GamlenPars 2Pars 1Petroleum

Siri province
 BOD5 test (mg/mL)1185417015405392500920065
 COD test (mg/mL)2720928031201120096016800128

Bahregan province
 BOD5 test (mg/mL)90011201120599571006000110
 COD test (mg/mL)184028801840124801520010560240

BOD: biological oxygen demand; COD: chemical oxygen demand.