Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

A Qualitative Survey of Five Antibiotics in a Water Treatment Plant in Central Plateau of Iran

Table 2

Optimal conditions for the analysis of selected antibiotics and related calibration curves.

CompoundESITime segment (min) parent ion daughter ion  Collision energy (eV)Fragmentation amplitude (V)Calibration curves

AMP+1.86–3.483501602090 , 30.998
CIP+7.33–12.5833231420110 , 30.993
ENR+6.69–13.333603162090 , 30.999
OTC+1.49–12.874614262090 , 30.998
TYL+2.80–11.8791617435110 , 30.998

Number of concentrations for plotting calibration curves.