Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2014 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Antenatal Care Strengthening in Jimma, Ethiopia: A Mixed-Method Needs Assessment

Table 3

Reported content of care, health staff practices, and ANC surroundings (%) by facility according to 1132 ANC attendants who had given birth within the previous 12 months in the Jimma area1.

Jimma Hospital
Higher 2 HC
Jimma T HC
Serbo HC
Agaro HC

Content of care
 Physical examination
  Blood pressure98.
  Weight measurement98.399.398.194.696.096.097.5
  Abdominal examination95.886.386.596.466.883.085.2
 Laboratory tests
  HIV test96.995.295.876.492.882.093.2
  Blood analyses280.669.779.3 7.441.565.765.3
  Urine analysis93.671.981.934.642.869.772.2
 TT immunization85.795.297.276.495.291.091.3
 Health education topics
  Danger signs during pregnancy44.129.938.918.530.846.537.2
  Need for health facility delivery62.
  HIV and PMTCT61.150.754.035.364.051.157.2
  Nutritional needs during pregnancy64.171.259.447.339.866.058.1
ANC surroundings
 Waiting more than 1 hour preservice43.927.416.7 1.816.711.025.5
 Poor cleanliness of institute 5.0 0.7 0.0 3.613.3 1.0 4.9
Practice of health professionals
 Discomfort due to students36.815.223.025.526.013.3 26.3
 Poor conduct of health professionals 6.7 0.0 3.718.2 5.3 4.0 5.3
Nutritional practice of women
 Reduced food intake37.130.828.543.644.846.9 37.5
 Iron supplementation 6.85.6 4.21.9 0.8 9.1 4.8
 Not satisfied with service 9.9 2.2 6.125.917.2 6.1 10.3

Numbers do not add up due to missing data, 2Haemoglobin, blood group, and syphilis.