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Research Article

Factors Influencing Attitude, Safety Behavior, and Knowledge regarding Household Waste Management in Guinea: A Cross-Sectional Study

Table 2

Knowledge of the health effects and safety behavior of the respondents regarding waste handling ().

Questions with correct responses (%) correct responses95% CI

Is poor waste disposal harmful? (Yes)1052 (96.2%)[0.950, 0.972]
Can surface water/ground water/piped water be contaminated at any time? (Yes)397 (36.3%)[0.335, 0.392]
Are children’s feces as dangerous as those of adults? (Yes)400 (36.6%)[0.338, 0.395]
Are these following diseases related to poor waste disposal?[0.603, 0.660]
Cholera (yes)691 (63.2%)[0.603, 0.660]
Typhoid (yes)719 (65.8%)[0.629, 0.685]
Dysentery (yes)57 (5.2%)[0.041, 0.067]
Malaria (yes)569 (52.1%)[0.491, 0.550]
Diarrhea (yes)261 (23.9%)[0.215, 0.265]
Injury (yes)16 (1.5%)[0.009, 0.024]
Respiratory infection (yes)44 (4.0%)[0.030, 0.054]

Safety behavior
Do your children play near the solid waste? (No)286 (26.2%)[0.237, 0.289]
Do you buy any food from shops near solid waste? (No)521 (47.7%)[0.447, 0.506]
Do you properly wash your hands after waste disposal? (Yes)564 (51.6%)[0.486, 0.546]
Do you drink boiled water? (Yes)97 (8.9%)[0.073, 0.107]
Do you throw garbage daily? (Yes)549 (50.2%)[0.473, 0.532]
Do you usually keep garbage near the outside door? (No)602 (55.1%)[0.521, 0.580]
Do you leave the garbage unprotected near the outside door? (No)292 (26.7%)[0.242, 0.294]
Do you allow the rubbish container to overflow? (No)526 (48.1%)[0.452, 0.511]
Do you wash the rubbish container with soap and water or clean with dry earth or sand? (Yes)113 (10.3%)[0.087, 0.123]
Are children feces thrown away with other household waste? (No)477 (43.6%)[0.407, 0.466]
Do you usually treat water from unprotected and suspicious surface, ground, and piped sources before use? (Yes)125 (11.4%)[0.097, 0.135]
Do you sleep under a mosquito net? (Yes)792 (72.5%)[0.697, 0.750]

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