Journal of Environmental and Public Health / 2017 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Compliance with Standard Precautions and Associated Factors among Healthcare Workers in Gondar University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

Table 4

Bivariate and multivariate analysis of factors associated with compliance with SPs among HCWs working in Gondar University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2014.

Variable⁢Compliance with SPsCrude odds ratio with 95% CIAdjusted odds ratio with 95% CI
Noncompliant ()Compliant ()

Sociodemographic and individual factors
 Female118262.29 (1.26–4.20)2.18 (1.12–4.23)
Knowledge on SPs
 Satisfactory214261.86 (0.96–3.64)
Perception of infection risk
 Higher134375.15 (2.59–10.23)3.46 (1.67–7.18)
Institutional factors
Availability of PPE
 Not readily available323371
 Readily available35122.99 (1.43–6.27)
Accessibility of PPE
 Not readily accessible3122811
 Readily accessible46215.09 (2.67–9.69)2.87 (1.41–5.86)
Management support for safety
 Less frequent2952411
 More frequent63254.88 (2.62–9.09)2.23 (1.11–4.53)
Feedback for safety practice
 Less frequent316311
 More frequent42184.37 (2.23–8.49)
Work place safety climate
 Satisfactory31133.81 (1.83–7.93)
 Yes195425.02 (2.19–11.47)2.90 (1.20–7.02)

PPE = personal protective equipment, CI = confidence interval, and SPs = standard precautions.
Hosmer and Lemeshow Test: Chi-square = 3.54, df = 7, and value = 0.83.