Table 2: NSI among health care providers in Awi zone, 2016.

NSIFrequency (%)

Did you encounter NSI?
 Yes36 (18.7)
 No157 (81.3)
Which device caused the injury?
 Needles28 (77.8)
 Surgical equipment2 (5.6)
 Medication ampoule/vial6 (16.6)
Task performed during injury
 Suturing2 (5.5)
 Injection31 (86)
 Drawing sample2 (5.5)
 Recap of needle1 (3)
Type of injury
 Severe8 (22.2)
 Moderate9 (25)
 Superficial19 (52.8)
Was source patient identifiable?
 Yes15 (41.6)
 No21 (58.4)
Did you receive care after injury?
 Yes23 (63.8)
 No13 (36.2)

Lancet, suturing needle, scalpel, and towel clip. Deep stick/cut or profuse bleeding. Skin punctured, some bleeding. Little or no bleeding.