Table 2: Trail user and nontrail user themes.


Attitudes and perceptions of PA(i) Where and how do other people get PA?
(ii) What are the barriers and facilitators for other people to get PA?
The participants’ perceptions of how other people in the community experience PA.“I think some people are just lazy”
“I notice a lot of people walking.”
“Maybe if there was more information put out, flyers, or something, that people could see. Then we would know more by knowing where the trails are.”

Barriers to PA(i) Environmental
(a) Location and accessibility
(b) Safety
(c) Trail amenities/characteristics
(d) Weather
(ii) Individual
(a) Financial
(b) Psychological
(c) Time
(i) Environmental
Physical characteristics of the trail such as shade, lighting, benches, exercise stations, accessibility and safety.
(ii) Individual concrete factors such as high gym fees and available time for PA. Psychological factors such as a lack of interest, knowledge or motivation, and feelings about what PA means.
“Shelby trail has zero shade. I mean zero.”
“If I get busy or something, or working late, or the kids might have me busy. That’s the only thing. Yeah, that’s the only problem.”
“It’s been hot this summer, just trying to find a time to get out there where it’s not scorching hot.”

Facilitators to PA(i) Environmental
(a) Location and Accessibility
(b) Safety
(c) Trail Amenities/Characteristics
(ii) Individual
(a) Mental well-being
(b) Social well-being
(c) Physical health
(d) Weight loss
(i) Environmental helpful trail amenities such as benches, water fountains, and exercise stations. Easily accessible, safe from crime.
(ii) Individual factors such as enjoying walking with others, socializing while getting PA, feeling relaxed, and enjoying being outside.
“It’s got benches if you get tired or if you get winded you can sit down.”
“Well, again, the close proximity to my home. I’m only a hop, step, and a jump from there, so it’s easy, plus the parking is very easy.”
It relieves a lot of stress for your mind. It gives you time to think about stuff and it’s something to do. I do it a lot because it clears my mind.”