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Journal of Healthcare Engineering
Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 95-122
Research Article

A Novel Smart Routing Protocol for Remote Health Monitoring in Medical Wireless Networks

T. V. P. Sundararajan,1 M. G. Sumithra,1 and R. Maheswar1,2

1Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bannariamman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam 638 401, India
2Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, 641 042, India

Received 1 July 2013; Accepted 1 December 2013

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In a Medical Wireless Network (MWN), sensors constantly monitor patient's physiological condition and movement. Inter-MWN communications are set up between the Patient Server and one or more Centralized Coordinators. However, MWNs require protocols with little energy consumption and the self-organizing attribute perceived in ad-hoc networks. The proposed Smart Routing Protocol (SRP) selects only the nodes with a higher residual energy and lower traffic density for routing. This approach enhances cooperation among the nodes of a Mobile Ad Hoc Network. Consequently, SRP produces better results than the existing protocols, namely Conditional Min-Max Battery Cost Routing, Min-Max Battery Cost Routing and AdHoc On-demand Distance Vector in terms of network parameters. The performance of the erstwhile schemes for routing protocols is evaluated using the network simulator Qualnet v 4.5.