Figure 6: (a, b) Two clinical examples of the successful CLASS at 12M. AS-OCT scans of the medial zones presenting intact trabeculo-Descemet’s membrane and well-maintained scleral lake, with the different morphology of sclera. (a) Distinctive loose architecture of scleral and conjunctival tissues with multiple fluid collections. 1: hyperreflective strand of the intact TDM. 2: well-defined hyporeflective scleral lake. 3: hyporeflective trace of IF communicating with the scleral lake and extending inferiorly and posteriorly to the scleral flap. 4: hyporeflective subconjunctival fluid collecting superiorly to the scleral flap. 5: hyporeflective microcysts. 6: scleral flap. (b) A well-defined scleral lake. No evident intrascleral fluid collections elsewhere. 1: TDM. 2: scleral lake. 3: debatable finding of hyporeflective trace of fluid located posteriorly to the scleral flap. 4: microcysts.