Research Article

Fully Automatic Segmentation and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Liver in CT Images

Figure 2

Demonstration of the proposed liver segmentation method with a typical image: (a) the original image; (b) threshold selection process by slope difference distribution; (c) the segmented ribs and spine; (d) the fitted curve based on the centroids of the ribs and the spine; (e) the fitted curve overlaying on the original image; (f) the segmented body; (g) the segmented body after morphological filtering; (h) the extracted circular part by erosion; (i) the circular part overlaying on the original image; (j) the segmented stomach; (k) the segmented stomach after energy minimization; (l) subtraction of the bones; (m) the extracted stomach after morphological filtering; (n) the merged stomach; (o) the segmented liver.