Figure 2: Mouse chromosome 3 (Chr3) with Pgia26 subloci identified in IVSC mice (Figure 1) and corresponding human and rat chromosome regions with their corresponding risk alleles. Panel (a) summarises the location of five Pgia26 subloci with corresponding mouse mCia5 and mCia21 (collagen-induced arthritis) [3, 108, 121], mouse Eae3 (experimental allergic encephalomyelitis) [122, 123] (between mChr1:84.3–126 Mbp), and the corresponding rat Chr2 region of rat Cia10 [124, 125]. The left side of the panel identifies risk alleles on human Chr1 [126], with red-framed boxes and numbers in parentheses indicate the following regions: (1) between 87–89 Mbp [127], (2) 105.4 Mbp [128], (3) 113–142 (including the PTPN22 gene at 114.4) Mbp positions [129131], and (4) the FCGR family between 158 and 159 Mbp [132, 133]. Panel (b) displays the syntenic risk alleles of human Chr1 and mouse Chr3 (Pgia26a-e) with the number of genes localized in the different chromosome regions.