Figure 1: L. lactis NCC 2287 alleviates allergic symptoms in sensitized mice. L. lactis NCC 2287 (5 × 108 CFU/mL) was given ad libitum to mice ( , in Neg. control) orally via drinking water (a). Administration was either before the first sensitization and given throughout the experiment (prevention phase) or in the one week after the last sensitization (management phase). After challenge, mice treated with L. lactis NCC 2287 in the management phase (dark grey bar graph) developed significantly reduced clinical scores than sensitized, untreated animals in the positive control group (white bar graph). Mice consuming L. lactis NCC 2287 during the prevention phase of the experiment (grey bar graph) did not exhibit reduced symptoms. An exploratory experiment 1 (left panel) and a confirmatory experiment 2 (right panel) are shown. 3 experiments were performed in total (b).