Table 1: Th17 cells in cancer.

Type of cancerOrganismRoleEffect of subjectReference

Pancreatic cancer Mouse Antitumor Slower tumor growth and increased survival Gnerlich et al. [101]
Melanoma Mouse Antitumor Increase in activated CD8+ T cells and better antitumor efficacy Sharma et al. [102]
Melanoma Mouse Antitumor Th17-polarized cells were better at tumor eradication than Th1-polarized cells Muranski et al. [103]
Ovarian cancer Mouse Pro-tumor Lead to myeloid cell recruitment in the tumor environment and accelerated tumor growth Charles et al. [90]
Hepatocellular carcinoma Mouse Pro-tumor Decrease of intratumoral Th17 was associated with decreased tumor growth Kuang et al. [91]
Prostate cancer Human Pro-tumor Higher pretreatment Th17 numbers correlated with faster disease progression Derhovanessian et al. [99]
Ovarian cancer Human Antitumor Th17 levels correlated positively with patients survival Kryczek et al. [82]
Prostate cancer Human Antitumor More highly differentiated Th17 in prostate correlated with slower disease progression Sfanos et al. [85]
Lung adenocarcinoma Human Antitumor Th17 accumulation correlated positively with patient survival Ye et al. [104]