Figure 1: (a) PMN stained with NASDCL (dark purple) are shown in a specimen of a PDAC sample (magnification ×200). (b) (A) The tumor cells forming a glandular growth pattern (asterisk) were surrounded by elastase positive PMN (arrow). In (B), a solid structured HCC specimen is shown (asterisk) infiltrated by elastase positive PMN (arrow). Nuclear accumulation of β-catenin is seen in the PDAC sample (C) and the HCC sample (D), as is nuclear accumulation of ZEB1 in a PDAC (E) and a HCC biopsy (F) (examples marked by arrow heads). (c) The intensity of ZEB1 was determined (Allred score) in the PDAC specimen and correlated to the PMN infiltrate, either scored as intermediate (black) or severe (red). Each bar represents one specimen.