Figure 7: Lung Foxp3+ Treg cells from allergic mice suppress T-cell proliferation but not type 2 cytokine production. (a) IL-4 and (b) IL-5 levels in the supernatants of FACS-sorted lung CD4+Foxp3-GFP+ (Foxp3+) or CD4+Foxp3-GFP (Foxp3) cells from Foxp3gfp.KI allergic mice alone or cocultured at different Foxp3/Foxp3+ ratios. (c) Proliferation of Foxp3-GFP- cells cocultured at different Foxp3/Foxp3+ ratios was determined by flow cytometry. Sorted lung CD4+Foxp3-GFP- were labeled with Dye eFluor-670 and the proliferation was determined by reduction of the fluorescence intensity of Dye. Representative FACS-histograms, which indicate the frequency of T-cell proliferation, are shown. Values represent the means ± SEM of triplicate wells. The results are representative of two experiments. Significant differences ** , *** are shown.