Figure 1: MOMC generation cultures on fibronectin, collagen (I), and laminin, or poly-L-lysine. (a) PBMCs ( ) were cultured for 7 days on 24-well plastic plates coated with fibronectin (Sigma), collagen (I), laminin, or poly-L-lysine. The medium containing floating cells was exchanged with fresh medium every 3 days. The adherent cells were observed with an inverted microscope. Bars: 100 μm. (b) Adherent cells recovered were subjected to flow cytometry for evaluation of cell surface expression of CD34 and intracellular expression of collagen (I). The expression of CD34 and collagen (I) is shown as shaded histograms, while open histograms represent staining with isotype-matched control mAb. The results shown are representative of 5 independent experiments.