Table 3: Biological networks within graft tissue associated with asymptomatic BK viruria.

GO termGenes annotatedP value*

Soluble fractionGO:0005625
ACTB, CCL3, CCR2, CD40LG, FAS, IL13, SELP 0.0296
B lymphocyte proliferation, B cell proliferationGO:0042100 BCL2, CD40, CD40LG, IL10 0.0364
Transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase pathwayGO:0007169 CD4, CD8A, FN1 0.0394
ProteolysisGO:0006508 ACE, ECE1, GZMB, LTA, REN 0.0416
Protein kinase bindingGO:0019901 CD3E, CD4, PTPRC 0.0426
Platelet activationGO:0030168 CD40, CD40LG 0.0428
Positive regulation of T cell proliferationGO:0042102CD28, CD3E, IL12A, IL4, PTPRC 0.0444
AntiapoptosisGO:0006916 BCL2, BCL2L1, CCL2, CD40LG, FAS, IL10, IL1A  
IL1B,” “IL2," “TNF,” “TNFRSF18
Leukocyte cell-cell adhesionGO:0007159 CD40LG, ICAM1 0.0466
T cell receptor complexGO:0042101 CD3E, CD4, CD8A  0.0484

* P values by ANOVA followed by Bonferroni adjustment.