Figure 4: DXM inhibits Ag-specific T-cell activation by LPS-stimulated BMDCs. (a) Either OT-I CD8+ T cells or OT-II CD4+ T cells were cocultured with BMDCs pulsed with OVA peptide and treated with PBS, LPS (100 ng/mL) + PBS, or LPS + DXM (50 μM) at the indicated ratio of DC : T cells for 3 days. The cells were exposed to [3H]-thymidine for 18 h before cell-associated radioactivity was determined. (b) Supernatants were collected from cultures after 4 days. IFN-γ production was measured by ELISA. The data shown are the mean ± SD of samples of three wells. Significant differences between DXM-treated and untreated LPS-activated BMDCs are shown with asterisks ( ). All data are representative of three independent experiments.