Table 1: Summary of studies on human Th17 cells. T-cell lines were derived from skin biopsies by limiting dilution and further specified for CD4 or not. Skin cells were analyzed without specification of the phenotype. In some studies, coexpression of IL-17 with cytokines specific for Th1, Th2, or Th22 was analyzed by flow cytometry.

T-cell subsetPatientsHaptenCytokines detectedCoexpression analyzedReference

CD4+ T cellsACD NiSO4IL-17, IFN- , TNF- No[71]
CD4+ CD45+ T cellsACD NiCl2IL-17, IFN- No[72]
T cellsPsoriasis, ACDNiSO4IL-17, IFN- , IL-22, IL-4No[73]
T cellsACDFragrancesIL-17, IFN- , IL-22, IL-4Yes[74]
T cellsACDNiSO4IL-17, IFN- , IL-4Yes[74]
T cellsACDNickelIL-17, IFN- , IL-22, IL-4Yes [75]
Skin cellsACDNickelIL-17, IFN- No[76]