Table 1: Profiles of patients with IRP enrolled in this study.

Pt. no.AgeSexBMMNC-Coombs testFCM analysis

142FCD15+ cells IgG(+)
226MIgG(+)CD15+ cells IgG(+), GlyCoA+ cells IgM(+), CD34+ cells IgM(+)
334FIgM(+)GlyCoA+ cells IgM(+)
440FC3(+)CD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
532FIgG(+), C3(+)CD15+ cells IgG(+), CD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
630MGlyCoA+ cells IgM(+)
723MIgM(+)GlyCoA+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
827MCD15+ cells IgM(+)
922MCD34+ cells IgM(+)
1025FCD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
1114MIgM(+)GlyCoA+ cells IgM(+)
1214MIgM(+)GlyCoA+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+), CD34+ cells IgM(+)
1319MIgM(+)CD15+ cells IgM(+)
1436FCD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
1530FIgM(+)GlyCoA+ cells IgM(+)
1629MIgM(+)CD15+ cells IgM(+), CD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
1730MCD34+ cells IgM(+)
1826MIgM(+)CD15+ cells IgM(+), GlyCoA+ cells IgM(+)
1929MCD34+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)
2043FIgG(+)CD15+ cells IgG(+), IgM(+)

Pt. no.: patient number; Ig: immunoglobulin; FCM: flow cytometry; GlyCoA; glycine coenzyme A; BMMNC: bone marrow mononuclear cell; F: female; M: male.