Figure 1: Phylogenetic relationships of the human polyomaviruses. Human polyomaviruses are presented in red with those associated with clinical disease in bold. The mammalian genera within the Polyomaviridae family: Orthopolyomavirus and Wukipolyomavirus and the single Avipolyomavirus genus member (employed as an outgroup) are indicated. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis was performed on polyomaviral whole genome nucleotide sequences. Abbreviations and GenBank accession numbers employed as follows: AGMPyV, African green monkey polyomavirus (NC004763); BKV, BK polyomavirus (NC001538); goose haemorrhagic polyomavirus (GHPyV) genus (NC004800); HPyV6, human polyomavirus 6 (NC 004800); HPyV7, human polyomavirus 7 (HM011565); JCV, JC polyomavirus (NC001699); KIPyV, KI polyomavirus (NC 009238); MCV, The Merkel cell polyomavirus (HM011539); HPyV9, human polyomavirus 9 (HQ696595); MWHPyV, The Malawi polyomavirus (JX262162); TSV, trichodysplasia spinulosa-associated polyomavirus (GU989205); WUPyV, WU polyomavirus (NC009539).