Table 1: The MHC class II prediction tools available at IEDB. A user may choose from one of the seven prediction methods provided. The consensus method is used as the default method and is composed of three of the most successful individual prediction methods.

MethodsPrediction based onReference

ConsensusCombination of NN-align, SMM-align and CombLibWang et al., 2010 [38]
NetMHCIIpanArtificial neural networkNielsen et al., 2010 [31]
NN-alignArtificial neural network Nielsen and Lund, 2009 [35]
SMM-alignStabilization matrix alignmentNielsen et al., 2007 [11]
Combinatorial libraryPosition scanning combinatorial librariesWang et al., 2008 [33]  
Wang et al., 2010 [38]
SturnioloScoring matrix basedSturniolo et al., 1999 [39]
ARBAverage relative binding Bui et al., 2005 [30]