Figure 5: Polyclonal stimulation induced high expression of Foxp3 and TGF-β in ALL + T helper cells. CD4+ T cells were stimulated with Concanavalin-A (2 μg/mL). After 48 h, cells were stained with biotin-ALL followed by CyChrome-streptavidin, and stained with monoclonal antibodies against CD25 and Foxp3 or TGF-β. (a) Dot plots of nonstimulated cells (RPMI alone) showing frequency of CD25+Foxp3+ in ALL and ALL + T helper cells. After polyclonal stimulation An increased frequency of both (b) CD25+Foxp3+ cells and (c) TGF-β + cells (thick line) in ALL + T helper cells was observed. (Thin line corresponds to isotype control).