Table 2: IL-15 concentrations in 60 women with failed pregnancies, including 30 women with ectopic pregnancy (EP) and missed abortion (MA) and 33 women with intrauterine pregnancy (IUP). Median, interquartile range (IR) in pg/mL, and the Mann-Whitney P value are presented. Additionally sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), and negative predictive value (NPP) were calculated and IL-15 values were plotted in ROC curves in order to further evaluate their diagnostic accuracy for the diagnosis of healthy IUP and for accurate discrimination of an EP from a MA. All AUCs are shown.

Serum levels
Median (interquartile range)
Mann Whitney P
SensitivitySpecificityCut-off pointDirectionAUCP value
(ROC curve)

Failed versus normal19.86 (16.04–26.97)
15.06 (12.74–21.41)
P  <  0.001

Abortion versus normal16.63 (14.56–21.37)
15.06 (12.74–21.41)
P < 0.001

Ectopic versus normal24.9 (18.59–29.81)
15.06 (12.74–21.41)
P  <  0.001

Ectopic versus abortion24.9 (18.59–29.81)
16.63 (14.56–21.37)
P  =  0.015