Table 1: Differential effect of sleep loss time upon glucocorticoid levels.


TSD 1 night [34]
TSD 40 hours= or [40]
TSD 40 hours=[39]
SR 2 hours TIB/1 night=[36]
SR 3 hours TIB/4 days [37]
SR 6 hours TIB/6 days=[41]


RSD 72 hours [32]
RSD 96 hours [33]
RSR with 6 hours of SO/21 days=[33]

The table illustrates the differential effect of acute sleep deprivation and sleep restriction upon glucocorticoid levels. Representative samples present in this table were measured within the first four hours after wakefulness in humans or at the beginning of the light phase in rodents.
Abbreviations: TSD: total sleep deprivation; SR: sleep restriction; TIB: time in bed; RSD: REM sleep deprivation; SO: sleep opportunity; : increase; =: not change; : decrease.