Table 2: Selected studies on the treatment of EBV infection or EBV-related posttransplant lymphoproliferation with adoptively transferred EBV-specific T cells.

AuthorsNumber of patientsIndication for EBV-CTLEBV-CTL donorEBV-CTL preparation*Number of dosesTotal number EBV-CTLs infusedResponse in PTLD patientsComplications**Reference

Gustafsson et al. (2000)6rising EBV load after HSCTHSCT-donorExpansion2–4 /m² to /m²NA[126]
Haque et al. (2002)8PTLD after SOT or HSCTThird-partyExpansion1–6 /kg to /kg3/8 CR
1/8 PR
Sun et al. (2002)22 PTLD after SOTThird-partyExpansion3 /kg2/2 CR[127]
Comoli et al. (2007)41 rising EBV load
3 PTLD after HSCT
HSCT donorExpansion2–4 /kg to /kg3/3 CR[119]
Gandhi et al. (2007)3PTLD after SOTThird partyExpansion2–8 /kg to /kg2/3 CR[128]
Haque et al. (2007)33PTLD after SOT or HSCTThird-partyExpansion4 /kg14/33 CR
3/33 PR
De novo alloantibodies in 1/33 pts[89]
Barker et al. (2010)2PTLD after CBTThird-partyExpansion5-6 /kg to /kg2/2 CR[129]
Heslop et al. (2010)114101 prevention and 13 treatment of PTLD after HSCTHSCT-donorExpansion1–3 /m² to /m²11/13 CR
no PTLD in the prevention group
Swelling at side of disease[130]
Moosmann et al. (2010)6PTLD after HSCTHSCT-donorCaption1 to (abs.)3/6 CR[94]
Uhlin et al. (2012)1PTLD after CBTHaploidentical, third-party donorCaption1 /kg1/1 CR[93]
Doubrovina et al. (2012)***19PTLD after HSCT14 HSCT-donor
5 third party
Expansion3 /kg13/19 CR[131]
Icheva et al. (2013)102 EBV reactivation
8 PTLD after HSCT
HSCT-donorCaption1-2 /kg to /kg6/8 CRSkin-GvHD I-II° in 1/10 pts[95]

Expansion: EBV-CTLs were expanded in vitro using repetitive stimulation with autologous, EBV-transformed B cells (lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCL); Caption: EBV-specific T cells were labeled with magnetic beads and isolated via a magnetic column without ex vivo expansion; **restricted to reported CTL-related complications; in regard to GvHD, only de novo GvHD is reported; ***restricted to patients receiving manipulated EBV-CTLs.
CBT: cord blood transplantation; CR: complete remission; EBV-CTL: EBV-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes; HSCT: hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; GvHD: graft-versus-host disease; NA: not available; PR: partial response; PTLD: posttransplant lymphoproliferative disease; Pts: patients; SOT: solid organ transplantation.