Research Article

Analytical and Clinical Comparison of Two Fully Automated Immunoassay Systems for the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

Figure 1

Comparative ROC curve analyses. ROC for QUANTA Flash DGP IgA and FEIA DGP IgA is shown in (a), for QUANTA Flash (QF) DGP IgG and FEIA DGP IgG in (b), for QUANTA Flash h-tTG IgG and FEIA IgG in (c), and for QUANTA Flash h-tTG IgA and FEIA IgA in (d). The ROC curves were similar for tTG IgA, tTG IgG, and DGP IgG. For DGP IgA, the AUC (especially in the clinically relevant area) was higher for QF versus FEIA. Note: clinical sensitivity and specificity as well as arrows pointing to cutoffs in this figure are for equivocal samples considered as positive for FEIA assays.