Journal of Immunology Research / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Detecting Genetic Associations between ATG5 and Lupus Nephritis by trans-eQTL

Table 2

Correlation between genotypes of the positive trans-eSNP with ATG5 expression in public databases.

Gene Children LCL ()HapMap LCL ()
Positive trans-eSNPs SNPd

ANKRD50rs170085049.10 × 10−5rs10274970.920.001
AGArs22711001.20 × 10−4rs227110010.002
PAK7rs60569231.10 × 10−4rs605692210.001
TET2rs13914415.90 × 10−6rs139144110.005
TET2rs13914387.10 × 10−6rs76558900.990.003
SLC25A21rs7123776.70 × 10−5rs71237710.037
CPSF6rs108789536.40 × 10−5rs73084810.990.030
AKNAD1rs75295926.00 × 10−5rs752959210.001
ITGA4rs1550981.20 × 10−4rs15509910.136
CDKAL1rs77514851.00 × 10−6rs109464300.970.215
LIPNrs70811731.50 × 10−4rs708117310.054

(a) LCL: lymphoblastoid cell lines, trans-eSNP: trans-expression single nucleotide polymorphism.
(b) Children LCL refers to lymphoblastoid cell lines from 400 children from families recruited through a proband with asthma.
(c) HapMap LCL refers to Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines from 270 HapMap CEU, CHB, JPT, and YRI individuals (
(d) Only the SNP on each locus with strongest associated significance with ATG5 expression level was shown.