Research Article

Differential Immune Response against Recombinant Leishmania donovani Peroxidoxin 1 and Peroxidoxin 2 Proteins in BALB/c Mice

Figure 4

Cytokine responses in lymph node cells of rLdPxn1 and rLdPxn2 immunized mice. Mice were immunized subcutaneously three times at three-week intervals with rLdPxn1 or rLdPxn2 with or without CpG ODN or GLA-SE. Four weeks after the last immunization, cells from pooled lymph nodes were stimulated in vitro with the respective antigen (10 μg/mL) or ConA (5 g/mL). The release of IFN- and IL-10 in mice immunized with rLdPxn1 or rLdPxn2 was measured in supernatants after 72 hr of in vitro stimulation at 37°C. Results are presented as the amount of IFN- (ng/mL) and IL-10 (ng/mL) for rLdPxn1 (a) and rLdPxn2 (b).