Research Article

A Humanized Anti-CD22-Onconase Antibody-Drug Conjugate Mediates Highly Potent Destruction of Targeted Tumor Cells

Figure 3

Purification of monomeric SPDP-based ADCs. (a) Size exclusion chromatography of the SPDP-based immunoconjugate preparation on a HiLoad 16/60 Superdex 200 pg column. Eluted column fractions were analyzed by SDS-PAGE under nonreducing (b) and reducing (c) conditions. Lane 1: molecular weight marker; lanes 2–4: column fractions eluting at 58.6 mL, 67.9 mL, and 106.4 mL, respectively; lane 5: huRFB4 IgG (1 μg); and lane 6: ONC (1 μg).