Table 2: Details of clinical studies investigating efficacy of long-term treatment with LMWH in resistant thrombotic APS.

Author, year [Ref]Type of study patientsInclusion criteriaTreatmentsObservation timeRecurrence Rate

Bick and Rice, 1999 [45]Retrospective24APS patients resistant or intolerant to warfarinDalteparin 309 days0

Ahmed et al., 2002 [46]Case-report1APS patient with difficulties in keeping INR in targetEnoxaparin 1.5 mg/kg daily90 days1 (pulmonary TE)

Dentali et al., 2005 [47]Case-report2APS patients refractory to warfarinEnoxaparin 10000 IU td 
Dalteparin 10000 U td
2 years 
6 years

Vargas-Hitos et al., 2011 [48]Retrospective23APS patients refractory to warfarinEnoxaparin36 months0.13