Figure 3: Statistic representation of the INF-γ production in human CD4+ T Lymphocytes after the OTC exposure and the contrasting effects after botanicals challenge in 10 representative experiments. (a) Haematococcus p.; (b) Glycine m.; and (c) the mixture of all the botanicals. Cytokine production was evaluated as percentage of INF-γ producing T CD4+ cells. All the incubations (basal, OTC alone, and OTC + botanical) were performed in the ad hoc medium based on the vehicle used to solubilize the botanical, so that the abbreviations “ctr” indicate the basal INF-γ production by PMBCs stimulated by PMA and Ionomycin and in presence of the ad hoc medium based on the same solubilizing-vehicle but free from the botanicals (see Section 2). .