Research Article

Tumor-Derived CXCL1 Promotes Lung Cancer Growth via Recruitment of Tumor-Associated Neutrophils

Figure 2

Ablation of CXCL1 in 3LL cells limits tumor growth in vivo. (a) 3LL cells were stable transfected with negative control shRNA (NC) or specific CXCL1 shRNA (shCXCL1); CXCL1 mRNA expression was measured by quantitative RT-PCR. (b) Protein levels of CXCL1 in the 3LL/NC and 3LL/shCXCL1 supernatants were measured by ELISA. (c) Serum levels of CXCL1 from 3LL/NC or 3LL/shCXCL1 bearing mice were measured by ELISA. Each dot represents an individual mouse. (d) Primary tumors excised from 3LL/NC bearing mice and 3LL/shCXCL1 bearing mice at day 16 after tumor inoculation. (e) Growth of NC and shCXCL1 tumors was monitored for 16 days after cell inoculations. (f) CXCL1 mRNA expression in tumor tissues derived from 3LL/NC or 3LL/shCXCL1 tumor-bearing mice was examined by quantitative RT-PCR. , . Results are shown as mean ± SD.