Journal of Immunology Research / 2017 / Article / Fig 5

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B-CD8+ T Cell Interactions in the Anti-Idiotypic Response against a Self-Antibody

Figure 5

B-2 cells stimulated with P3 mAb were capable to induce in vitro CD8+ T cell activation. (a) Contour graphs represent efficiency of CD8+ T cell purification. Splenic B-2 cells derived from BALB/c mice immunized with a single dose of P3 mAb (b) or control IgM mAb (c) were incubated with naïve CD8+ T cells, and 100 μg/mL of P3 mAb or control isotype antibody was added to the culture medium. After 72 h, the expression of activation and functional markers by CD8+ T cells was measured by flow cytometry, directly for CD25, CD107a, and CD69 or after an intracellular staining protocol for IFN-γ and granzyme B (GZMB). Contour plots show a representative result. Columns represent means ± SD of the values obtained in triplicate from a meta-analysis of two experiments, , Mann–Whitney U test.